Matter of Pride: a comedy education of gay history (with comedian Aaron Twitchen)

No Outsiders: The march against Birmingham schools

May 26, 2021
In March 2019 crowds of parents gathered outside a primary school in central Birmingham. The angry, placard carrying mob tapped their feet and welded signs reading “My child, my choice”, “let kids be kids”
Their concern? A program called No Outsiders which taught that bullying was bad and no one should be made to feel isolated. Oh, included in that was a note that same sex relationships were ok. But who won the court case..... parents of the school?
This episode covers education in schools, the rise and fall of section 28 and a quick journey into Aarons experience of teaching sex education in schools (it was rough!)
With host comedian Aaron Twitchen (@aarontwitchen on all platforms)
Resources and further reading:
As always, the greatest start point is Stonewall website:
Link to the no outsiders website providing great training, lesson plans and educational materials: 
Excellent piece from huffing on post with no Outsiders creator Andrew Moffat otests-one-year-on_uk_5ef5ecadc5b612083c4c57bf
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